Andrea Rossi: stiamo lavorando alla questione energia elettrica

Rossi_65Nonostante i ripetuti no comment, i lettori di Andrea Rossi non si fanno scoraggiare, e sulle pagine del suo blog sul Journal of Nuclear Physics continuano a pungolarlo con domande piu’ o meno dirette al fine di ‘estorcere’ qualche dettaglio su quanto sta succedendo negli USA.
Uno degli ultimi post arrivati chiede se e’ possibile avere un aggiornamento sugli sviluppi della ricerca sulla produzione di energia elettrica. Nello specifico il lettore (che si firma Stefano) chiede se e’ stata trovata la giusta turbina e se e’ stato gia’ predisposto un prototipo su cui sono in corso dei test. La risposta di Rossi e’ piu’ o meno quella che ci aspettavamo, ossia che la ricerca sulla produzione di energia elettrica sta continuando, ma che non gli e’ possibile fornire informazioni precise finche’ non si avra’ un impianto che produca elettricita’.

Un altro lettore (Tom Conover) invece chiede a Rossi se conferma o smentisce quanto riportato nell’articolo edito dalla rivista della Elforsk, l’ELFORSK Perspektiv, in particolare il paragrafo che parla di presunte informazioni che verranno riportate sul sito della Elforsk.
Rossi risponde che non puo’ commentare poiche’ non e’ mai stato in contatto con la ditta svedese, di cui sa soltanto che ha finanziato i Professori svedesi che han preso parte all’ultimo test indipendente svolto sull’E-Cat. E, ovviamente, dice di sentirsi onorato dall’attenzione riservata al loro lavoro.

Per chi fosse interessato, questa la traduzione in inglese dell’articolo (ringraziamo Tom Conover per averla pubblicata):

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Andrea Rossi, Sven Kullander and Hanno Essen during the test run of a Ecat for two years ago. During the demonstration, which lasted Barely six hours generated energy catalyzer whole 25 kilowatt hours of energy. Photo Giuseppe Levi, What is happening when the Italian inventor and contractor Andrea Rossi demonstrates his so-called Energy catalyst ? Was the if a hitherto unknown nuclear reaction or is it just an illusion? Clearly Rossi invention, Ecat as he calls it, has evidently performance in the vicinity of a nuclear reactor but without the radiation that arises when the nuclei split or merged. it shows the astounding results of measurements witnessed by among others Swedish researchers.
– The large power development is not explain today. It is essential much larger than what is possible to achieve through a chemical reaction, as for example when burning oil. The only explanation that I see it that in the case of a hitherto unknown nuclear process, says högenergifysikprofessorn and the President of the Academy of Sciences Energy Committee Sven Kullander.
Even for just over two years ago he is a study in Bologna, at the invitation by Andrea Rossi for on-site witness a demonstration of the technology. on trip was also Hanno Essén, Associate Professor of theoretical physics and a lecturer at KTH.
How the E-cat works in detail is still unknown, according Andrea Rossi due to patent reasons. But one know that nickel and hydrogen along with a number of secret additives ( additives ) are included in the process. Kullander and Essén got at visit examine reactor apparatus without surrounding insulation and estimated it had a volume of about 50 cubic centimeter (about the size of a scooter cylinder), The reactor was made of stainless steel, Surface steel casing was a sleeve of copper and the space in between flowing the water shortly afterwards would be heated to the boil, During the demonstration, which lasted in just under six hours generated energy catalyzer full 25 kilowatt hours energy. A result that is still bewilders both Sven Kullander and Hanno Essén,
– It is impossible that one could develop so much heat energy in a small space by ordinary combustion, says Sven Kullander which therefore does not exclude any form of nuclear physical process given rise to the measured energy, For magazine Ny Teknik says Kullander and Essén that throughout experiment had the opportunity to examine equipment.
– We checked everything that could be check and we could walk around and turning and turn on the time, but that we could detect any abnormality, says Hanno Essén, stating that they have a hard time believing that Rossi scams.
– On the Internet you can find a variety of speculation is based on experiments is a forgery, Smuggling of electricity through ground wire and smuggling of DC when measuring instruments measured the AC have been proposed as explanations for deception, My reaction is that this is extremely unlikely. This power through soil management have been checked and DC theory can be ruled out for several reasons. Purely psychological works not that they are working intensively for years to deceive others with simple peasant prisoners trick, There is no credibility in such theory. A number of reports notes anomalous heat production, of several independent and competent persons, strengthens this hypothesis, says Hanno Essén,
Test for power generation The great interest in the energy catalyzer has anyway led to new demonstrations of the technology in order to clarify its reliability and hitherto unknown properties, Most recently, in March 2013, when five Swedish (including Hanno Essén ) and two Italian researchers conducted a test run in Rossi’s premises in Bologna. This time of a larger apparatus for high temperatures (called Hotcat ) and with a view to generating electricity. While these tests show an unexplained power consumption and heat generation, the researchers who compiled a report on the tests, partly financed by Elforsk (see report ),
But still, no one, except possibly Andrea Rossi himself, explaining how the extraordinary heat production occurs, The core of the unit is a space containing nickel powder. hydrogen and heat is applied and this gives as inventor rise to a reaction which produces heat. In addition to these simple Ingredients learn the above, be smaller amounts secret additives powder.
That it would move about so -called cold fusion or some kind lågenergikärn reaction, also referred LENR after of English Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, questioned however by many researchers, Among other things, they failed to demonstrate significantly elevated levels of ionizing radiation.
– It is important to remember that tests of Rossi’s device only provides a indication of an abnormal heat generation, says Bo Höistad, professor of nuclear physics at Uppsala University, who participated as Representative of the last test run.
– It remains to do more tests to fully safely determine that a heat actually carried out and under what conditions it occurs. Moreover, one can Not to mention a nuclear reaction before you certainly have identified the fuel nuclei have been converted into new nuclei, he says.
Cold fusion has also long seen as humbug in the research community. Much because of the experiments that the American scientists Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons performed in the late 1980s and whose results would indicate the presence of fusion without extremely high temperatures. No they do not could lead to evidence through independent experiments and cold fusion has since more or less regarded as a utopia.
But the area has again been recognized and dismissed today far from of all scientists ( Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons work is also under way to revalued and get a wide recognition as groundbreaking ),
NASA conducts example, research on LENR and claims in a video that can be seen at network that the technology works, In the video say NASA researcher Joseph Zawodny to LENR proven to produce excess heat without impurities, and without creating ionizing radiation or hazardous waste. NASA also conducts cooperation with Boeing with the target to drive the jet engines with LENR,
Other operators such company Hydro Fusion, with links to Andrea Rossi, already trying to commercialize the technology, The company is interestingly based in Stockholm and led by Swedes. another examples are Defkalion, previously collaborated with Andrea Rossi. company has developed a reactor that they Now trying to get out of the market in different applications including consumer products is one.
Estimated that there are around 20 players which in one way or another researcher or acting in the field of cold fusion, on behalf by Elforsk is now a knowledge of research position and results and more. The compilation will be available in October at Elforsks website.


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